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This Weekend at the Smithsonian Jose

In addition to really enjoying the company of “horse people”, we also love hanging out with other creative types and we’re very fortunate to count José Buenaventura Gonzalez Gutierrez as one of our friends! José is a Zapotec Master Weaver from Teotitlan del Valle, in the state of Oaxaca, México. He learned to weave from his father when he was ten years old and weaving has been a family tradition for at least seven generations, and probably many more.

This weekend, December 2 & 3, José will be one of the artists featured at the Smithsonian NMAI Native Art Market in Washington, DC.

José is not only a Master Weaver-he also cards and spins his wool by hand.In addition, the amazingly brilliant colors you see here are as much a part of his art as the weaving, because José dyes his own yarn using only natural and organic dyes! He uses locally grown materials, such as pomegranate, bark of coco, marigold flowers, mosses, and cochineal and indigo.

His designs often include traditional Zapotec patterns, taken from well known ancient archaeological sites in Oaxaca. José is also inspired by ancient rock art from México, Europe, Northwest Canada and other locations around the world. Other designs are original, and José has made many custom designed rugs for his clientele from all around the globe.

If you love these rugs and happen to be in the Washington DC area this weekend, you’re in luck! Due to the unique nature of each piece, José’s masterful creations are only available at select locations. At the Native Art Market this weekend, you’ll not only have the best selection to chose from, but a chance to meet José! For more information on the Art Market

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