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Merry & Bright! Bay Horse Innovation NY Style

Today's fun photos didn't involve me wrangling any horses! Which was nice since it was about 26 degrees outside! Today Mike headed over to Bay Horse Innovations New York. Our good friend Gene Velten, owner of Bay Horse Innovation New York has been designing and manufacturing custom farrier and veterinarian trucks for 17 years! However, last week they finished up a rig for a different type of business, Randolph Well & Pump, a company that has been in business in McLean, NY since 1954.

Gene and his crew just put the finishing touches on this truck! It's built on a 2017 Chevy Duromax 3500 Crew Cab and the timing worked out so that Mike could head over to the shop to get some photos before they put it to work!

All of Gene's trucks are built to the customers specifications, enabling each client to have a work truck that suits their exact needs.

​All of the work spaces are aluminum construction. Aluminum is gorgeous, but, from a photographers point of view presents it's own set of challenges because of how reflective it is!

The brushed finish on the drawer faces is like artwork.

Detail of custom designed step up for the back of the truck!

If you'd like to get in touch with Gene at Bay Horse Innovations of New York, give him a call at (607) 898-3337 or head over to Facebook and liketheir page at

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