Wrangling Breyer Holiday Horses

I am an unapologetic Christmas LOVER! My parents are the ones to thank for that. They made it a magical time for my sister and I. My mom in particular, gifted Sharon and I with her creative gene and Christmas is the time of year when taking time to work on craft projects is "guilt free"! A couple of years ago I came up with a great idea for Sharon's Christmas present. It's not a rule, but we often make each others gifts. I've always liked the Breyer Holiday Horses! A couple of years ago I got the idea to create special Holiday Hero Horse for Sharon!

Oddly enough, the look of Breyer's model of the Selle Francais (a French Warm blood breed) is amazingly close to Hero! I did a bit of research into customizing Breyer horses and quickly realized there's a whole world out there I knew nothing about! But I picked up enough knowledge to know how to use a heat gun to make minor modifications!

Purebred Arabian Gelding Hero BF

Since Mikey has the mad graphic design skills, he customized signage for the inside and the front of the box, and Holiday Hero 2015 was very carefully secured back in for shipping.

In 2016 I decided to do another Holiday Hero and a Holiday Juan for Morgan Dalton! By the way, all of the bits and pieces I used for decoration are wired or tied on, not glued to the model! And all of these bits and pieces were already in my many, many boxes of collected "crafting stuff" or pieces of vintage costume jewelry! The 2015 version has at least 2 very cool vintage pins! And the 2016 version has a nifty stock pin with a horse shoe and crop motif.