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What to Watch! Down the Fence

Once again, we found something really cool to watch by checking out the documentaries on Netflix! Down the Fence — listed as a New Documentary in Netflix — was released in 2017. Mike watched it and assured me it was a real trainer production, not a "Hollywood horse movie".

Down the Fence Netflix

And he was right. There are no horsemen I respect more than those who compete in the Working Cow division, but this documentary will appeal, not only to fans of that particular division, but to anyone who appreciates a well trained horse and the dedication it takes to make one!

It's not only the subject matter that makes this movie well worth watching! Ten years in the making, MJ Isakson is the director, writer and producer. As far as I can tell this is the first film she's done! If so, it's an incredible accomplishment. The entire production is top notch. The story line covers the history of vaquero horsemanship traditions and follows it to the present day. In doing so, it tells the story of not just the amazing horsemen and women you see on the screen, but of all horse trainers who decide that training horses is the way they want to make a living. It's not something you do because it makes sense. It's something you do because you can't imagine being happy doing anything else. Not only is the story great, the film making is great too. Wonderful video from some amazing angles and terrific sound editing. It's a treat to watch and evidently, the quality is garnering attention in film making circles too!

As I mentioned, we found Down the Fence on Netflix, but if you don't subscribe to Netflix, don't despair, Down the Fence has a terrific website where you can find all kinds of ways to view it. Just go to

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