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Happy St. Patrick's Day

So my hunt for a tie in for the Irish and the Team Troxler equestrian blog, led me to a photo shoot that Mike did back in 2009. This is one of my all time favorite photo shoots featuring one of our most reluctant of subjects, Jamie Rae! The Celtic symbolism is her tattoo, a Triskelion, an image that is ancient and has several interpretations!

Arabian mare MK Dasha photo by Michael Troxler Ithaca New York

The coolness of the photography is obvious, and Mike makes it look easy. Which when dealing with me, and my ideas, is not always the case. However, this isn't a blog post about the photography! For that, head over to Mike's website at and, at some point, there may be a blog post covering this shoot.

The focus of my post, is that none of this would have been possible without a super well trained horse with exceptional ground manners! MK Dasha was a true Team Troxler horse, meaning that her training started on day one, with us handling her several times a day.

Arabian Mare MK Dasha and Jamie

Not only that, she learned very early on that being restrained by a human was not only possible, but in the end, pleasurable, because that's when scratching and petting ensued! We were aided and abetted in this by none other than Dasha's amazing dam, the incomparable Queen Dee (aka Deianira KA), a mare that pretty much told the babies to not embarrass her by being naughty.

Which is what leads to the fact that we can even attempt this kind of photography-water setting, Arabian mare with just a halter for portraits!

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