Tunica II

Arabian Horse Show Tunica MS 2018

London Eller (the smiling face that you see above) was just one of the many happy exhibitors at the 2018 Alabama Arabian Horse Association show in Tunica, Mississippi. I came home from the show with so many interesting stories! So many ideas for my blog! But this post is about the show itself, known as The Mississippi Riverboat Parlay! This was the second year that the Alabama Arabian Horse Association has hosted this show in Tunica and the second year that I -as part of Jeff Jason Photography-has been a part of the show. The 2017 version of the show was terrific and the 2018 was even better!

The fact that the Alabama club has christened their show with such a jazzy name, gives you a clue about the personality of the show and the people that drive it. Honestly, while "Riverboat Parlay" rolls off the tongue, I wasn't exactly sure what a "parlay" is? First impression-roguish pirates with with a swagger and awesome fashion sense! The curious part of me would't leave it alone, so I looked up the definition of "parlay", and I was surprised by what I found.

1. noun- a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet.

2. verb- to use (one's money, talent, or other assets) to achieve a desired objective, as spectacular wealth or success

I smiled when I read the definition,because both definitions make total and complete sense when applied to this show. Not because Tunica is home to many casinos--when you're not at the horse show you can roll the dice, play the slot machines or amuse yourself with all manner of games of chance. However, parlay as defined as willing to take a risk to achieve a desired objective describes exactly what this show is all about. AHAA is essentially betting that their willingness to dream big and to try new ideas will pay off and they can create a new and exciting Arabian horse show destination.

What makes this Arabian show a bit different from others? What is this show offering that is making exhibitors happy? Aside from the fact that the aforementioned casino's provide extremely reasonably priced hotel rooms with excellent amenities, here's my list of some of the aspects of the show that make it shine!

Arabian Horse show in Tunica MS-Alabama Arabian Horse Association facility

The Paul Battle Jr. Arena & Exposition Center is a great facility! The number of stalls and the quality of the arena and schooling areas assure that this show will easily accommodate more exhibitors as it grows in popularity. But the facility alone is not what’s driving the show's rise in popularity—the credit for that goes 100% to the fantastic friendly atmosphere that the show management and staff have created.

Arabian Horse show in Tunica MS-Alabama Arabian Horse Association-Judges

The show is actually two shows, qualifying competitors for four regions! Judges for the 2018 AHAA show in Tunica! Jack Thomas, Jim Lowe, John Rannenberg and Johnny Ryan, judged for Regions 9, 15,14 and 12 respectively.

Arabian Horse show in Tunica MS-Alabama Arabian Horse Association-Awards