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2018 Region 15- Live Feed!

Equine Athlete Veterinary Services

Region 15 Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Show!

Up until recently it we could take free “live feed” coverage from our favorite horse shows for granted. That’s not always the case these days but thanks to a very generous sponsorship from Equine Athlete Veterinary Services, you WILL be able to watch all the classes from the Anderson Coliseum at the Region 15 Championship show in Lexington, VA from the comfort of your favorite office chair. Not quite the same as being there, but at least you’ll know how your friends are doing

Thanks to Equine Athlete, John Flanders of Flanders Photo and Video Production will be behind the camera for a live stream that will be hosted on Lavoy Shepherd’s site, Hoofprints Video at!

Hoofprints Video

Not only that, Equine Athlete is providing the official show veterinarian, Bailey Smith! Dr. Bailey Smith grew up in Alberta, Canada on a performance horse operation where her family raised Quarter Horses and Hanoverians. She has always been involved in equine competition from hunter jumpers to cutting horses, however she has been most active in barrel racing and rodeo events competing in collegiate and semi-professional events. Dr. Smith completed her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at the University of Alberta and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Calgary. She completed a one-year internship in equine medicine and surgery at Moore Equine before joining Equine Athlete as an associate veterinarian in 2017.

Win – Win- Win!

Looking forward to the fun in Lexington VA, at Region 15!

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