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2018 Region 15 Championship Show

Firecracker Classic 2018

If you want to make plans for an awesome Fourth of July, you might want to start thinking about heading to Lexington VA and the Region 15 Arabian Championship Horse Show. The show dates of July 4-8 encompass not only the Championships for Region 15 (DE, MD, VA, NJ, PA and DC) but the Markel Firecracker Classic, a one-day pre-show which allows exhibitors a last chance to qualify for the 4 days of Championship classes that follow!

Happily for all concerned, the judge for 2018 Markel Firecracker Classic is none other than Sterling Bradley. Sterling hails from Sanger, TX, where he and his wife, Melissa Barter Bradley, have operated Center Ring Show Horses since 2009.

Prior to that, Sterling and Melissa lived and trained in Utah and their string of happy and well-adjusted amateurs and horses were well known in our old stomping grounds of Region 8. They've been together since 1994 and have worked together—first under the banner of Lazy MD, Melissa's family ranch name from Arco, Idaho—and then as Center Ring Show Horses ever since. Which pretty much speaks the guy's character! Happily married to a kick ass trainer like Melissa for over 30 years—he’s gotta be plenty savvy!

Sterling Bradley Center Ring Peformance Horses

As far as I'm concerned, there will be only one thing missing from this being a perfect chance to catch up with Sterling in VA—it's my understanding that Penny is staying home with Melissa and the Barter Bradley crew in TX!

Sterling Bradley Center Ring Performance Horses

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