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Good Reads!

Somehow, it may just be possible that some people don’t yet know that I’ve been welcomed into the fold of the fine folks at National Horseman Arabian magazine! I’m looking forward to the opportunities this brings to do more of what I love doing—talking to people, learning and sharing their stories and discovering all the exciting and varied ways the horse community connects!

National Horseman Arabian covers

I confess that I came relatively late to discovering National Horseman Arabian magazine! It would have been at Canadian Nationals in 2016 that I picked up my first issue. Since recently joining the magazine as a representative, one of the first things I did was to investigate its origins and have learned that in a very short time, National Horseman Arabian become a very popular publication for several reasons. It’s obviously a high-quality publication from a design aspect. And, of course, it features gorgeous Arabian horses! But what sets it apart is that it has a fresh new approach to content! Publisher Allison Lambert stated it very clearly in the inaugural issue in February 2016. “We are a unique magazine completely original in what we do—one that stands out from the crowd and isn’t afraid to be different. We’re proud to push the boundaries of conformity in order to surprise and delight our readers with every turn of the page, and we will continue to raise the standards of quality that are expected from a show horse publication.”

At Canadian Nationals I was really proud to share copies of this magazine and only wish I had a few more!

If you'd like to see each and every one of the past issues of National Horseman Arabian follow the links to the Digital Issues on the National Horseman Arabian website. It’s here that you can check out every single one! In my opinion, perusing the actual version of any magazine is a more satisfying experience than reading it on a screen, but checking out the digital version will definitely give you the incentive to become a subscriber!

National Horseman Arabian Volume 1:1 2016

All the issues are there for the viewing and here's a teaser of what was included in National Horseman Arabian Volume 1:1 2016!

30 Things You Don’t Know About the Stachowski Brothers

A Day in the Life of Jim Lowe

Amateur in the Spotlight Ashley Knipe Commissiong

Scottsdale and the Arabian Horse: A History

Remembering *Bask++

Lisa Jo White: A Lifelong Dedication

W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center


For example, what would a Welsh Pony Stallion foaled in 1978, a great granddaughter of Ben Rabba++, Jim Lowe and Lady Gaga have in common?

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