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Cheering on our Friends in Tulsa!

Or, alternatively, the Adventures of Jinx and Sandy and Jim!

Whenever we sell a horse we do our very best to put them in the best hands possible and we like to think we're pretty good at "match-making". But there's no crystal ball for trainers so—just like with kids— you prepare them as best you can, point them in the right direction and hope for the best. In the case of Jinx (WGA Ima Kopy Katnic), by the time he was three it was very apparent that not only was he cute as could be, but he was maturing into exactly what one might expect when you cross a Hesa Zee daughter to a great Quarter Horse stallion—a talented Working Western horse.

"Jinx" 2012"

Jinx and Sandy

We did know exactly the kinds of trainers that would appreciate his talent and do right by him and we only had to make one call to start Jinx on his journey. A journey that in the fall of 2013 took him to his new home in Colorado with Sandy Augustine and trainers Jim and Linda Hitt of Gambel Oaks Equestrian Center and by February of 2014 to his first Scottsdale Reserve Championship. Jinx and his crew got a lot of seasoning during 2015 by 2016 Jinx made his first trip to US Nationals winning four National Top Tens and a National Championship.

In 2017 and in 2018 Jinx pretty much defined the word "working" in the Working Western division, competing in 20 classes each of those years at Scottsdale— including Trail, Herd Work, Reined Cow and the first ever Ranch Riding and at the 2017 Nationals Jinx garnered six Top Tens and a Reserve Championship.

This year Jinx is back in Tulsa for his third Nationals and after 2 days of semi-finals has the high score in the Half Arabian English Trail, Half Arabian Western Trail Select AATR and is near the top in the Half Arabian Reined Cow and Herd Work.

Tomorrow—Sunday, October 21st— Jinx, Sandy and Jim demonstrate a couple of other vital National Competition skills—juggling and/or time traveling— as he competes in both the Pavilion Arena for trail and the Mustang Arena for Reined Cow!

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