Buffalo Bill and *Muson

My sister Sharon once participated in a "team building" exercise in which you were to describe yourself in one word. It's a very interesting exercise. Especially when I applied this question to myself. The word that came immediately to me is "curious".

Which is the only explanation for the fact that this morning, when I had plenty of other much more legitimate tasks to attend to, I found myself deep down the "internet research rabbit hole".

The journey started out as my attempt to explain Paul Wooldridge's satirical references regarding "Davenport Arabians" in my blog post Paul Woodridge One Man's Opinion. My search for images of Davenport Arabians came up with this riveting image of Buffalo Bill Cody on "Muson".

*Muson and Buffalo Bill

This image shows up many times on an internet search and I'm not exactly sure who to credit with the one above. If anyone reading this blog has that information, I'd love to include a credit.

During the search I ended up not only wondering how Buffalo Bill Cody came to be riding *Muson, but also how Cody ended up posing for the French artist Rosa Bonheur! Bonheur is probably the most famous female painter of the 19th century and her best know work is undoubtedly The Horse Fair, on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur

The Horse Fair (1855) by Rosa Bonheur