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Tales From Tulsa- Found at Hartmeyer

You can find Arabian horses from all over North America here in Tulsa at the 55th Arabian Nationals. But did you know you can shop for items from all over as well? And probably none have traveled farther than this little piece of equestrian sculpture. My post earlier in the week featured massive terracotta sculptures atop the Boston Avenue Methodist Church equestrian sculptures as architectural elements, but the focal point of this design is handcrafted from another very natural substance—Sepiolite. It’s also known by the German word for “sea foam” which is primarily found in Turkey and Greece. Any guesses as to what this is?

unique equestrian jewelry. Meerschaum and beads at Hartmeyers

The answer to "what is this made from" is it's a carved "meerschaam" pipe! Meerschaam is the German word for "sea foam" and it's more technical name is sepiolite, a chalky mineral deposit that is soft enough to carve and disperses heat so very popular for pipes!

You can find this tiny sculpture and other great pieces right here in the vendor area at the Tulsa Expo center. Where? At one of my favorite places to shop, Hartmeyer Saddlery! Whenever I’m at US Nationals or at the Scottsdale I make a point to go see what they’ve got because I always find stuff I LOVE and something I can afford to take home!

Want to shop the Hartmeyer booth for yourself? If you’re planning on going to the North American Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KY you’re in luck because Hartmeyers will be there!

And the answer to what this is....a Meerschaum Pipe stem that's been crafted into an amazing piece of jewelry!


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