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Motivational Monday!

Inspiration comes in many forms. It's defined as "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something", and for me the right piece of music can definitely flip that switch!

William George Agency for Children's Services Equine Director Michael Troxler

This morning, Mike put on some music that never fails to bring out the best in me; Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack from the movie Rudy. Something about this music just does it for me. Combine that music with the "Story of Tonka" and I get chills every time!

Why? Because, sometimes things happen that you can scarcely believe even while your in the middle of them. Tonka's win at the 2013 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals was one of them! The tale of how this filly came to be is definitely a unique one and was one of the first articles I ever had published—the story of how Mike (in his position as the director at WGA Equine for the William George Agency for Children's Services) produced, trained and showed a National Champion. We were very proud when the AHA included Tonka and the WGA Equine Team in the Modern Arabian Horse magazine.

GJR Shahanna Khan and Mike Troxler

Fortunately, in addition to being able to run a sport horse, Mike can put Adobe Premier through it's paces so when I asked if there was something "we" could put together as a digital version of Tonka's Story, he came up with this slide show! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how can one measure what music brings to the equation?

Tonka's Story Video. The Story of GJR Shahanna Khan

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