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Story of GJR Shahanna Khan

It hardly seems possible that GJR Shahanna Khan (aka Tonka) is six years old this year! In celebration, I'm re-posting Tonka's story. I've recently created a Kathy and Mike Troxler Facebook page that needs promoting and if any story shows what we are capable of, this is it!

Mike Troxler and Tonka aka GJR Shahanna Khan

Mike Troxler and "Tonka" (GJR Shahanna Khan) 2013 National Champion Sport Horse in Hand 2 year old filly.

I have all the material I need (and then some!) for multiple amazing blog posts about Mike and "Tonka". The story of how Mike (in his position as equine manager for the William George Agency for Children's Services) produced, trained and showed a National Champion. We were very proud when AHA covered Tonka and the WGA Equine Team in a 2014 issue of the Modern Arabian Horse magazine.

Click the photo below for Tonka, the Other Part of the Story.

GJR Shahanna Khan and Mike Troxler

Fortunately, even though my skills are limited to the written word, Mike's are not!

Because Mike, in addition to being able to run a sport horse, he can put Adobe premier through it's paces as well and he created a short video of Tonka's story! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then pictures and music are even more powerful. Please click on the link below for the Story of Tonka!

I'm happy to say that Tonka's story has continued! She's a valued member of Peggy and Jim Hay's family. We haven't seen her since she went "up north", but recently we received the pictures below. To us, they are worth every bit as much as her Nationals wins!

GJR Shanna Khan

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