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Art From The Heart

I really LOVE figuring out presents for my sister Sharon and most of the time it’s something Mike or I have created ourselves. However, this year I wanted something extra special. Something that would substitute for missing out on our “sister holiday creative time”. I was a little stumped for a bit and then it hit me!

With a little quick messaging, I had it all figured out so that on December 12th, Sharon ended up answering a knock on her door to find a smiling Renee Darling on her doorstep, complete with Santa hat! Sharon’s husband Chris had helped me arrange a surprise visit from Renee in order to set Sharon up with her very own original piece from Renee Darling Art! And since the subject—of course—is to be her big boy Hero, we wanted Renee to actually meet him!

Mike and I both tend to gravitate toward—whether in black and white or color—bold interpretations of of horses. Art that is very much a reflection of what the artist feels about the horse as much as it does the actual look of the individual. That said, because of our background in horses, we have a keen appreciate for those artists that have extensive firsthand knowledge of horses.

Renee Darling ticks both of those boxes big time! She’s a “horse girl” and it shows! But Renee has a feel for far more than just horses as proven by the fact that I feel a strong need to own a Crazy Coop coffee mug!

Renee, thanks so much for taking on the role of “honorary sister” for the holiday!

If you'd like to contact Renee about any of her artwork, she has a Renee Darling Art Facebook page and a website at


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