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Bears and Horses and Ribbons Oh My!

The Story of the TeamTrox Christmas Card 2014

Once upon a Christmas Season, we were checking out the late great Ithaca Antiques Mall where (score!!) I found not one, but two rattan rocking horses. I'd never seen one before, but when I spotted the first one, it was "mine, Mine, MINE" and I positively snatched it up and marched to the counter to put it on hold. Then, wonder of wonders, when I headed upstairs to roam about I spotted another one! Uh oh...a problem. The Troxler Rule #1 "shopping about rule" is that you "hunt and hunt" until you find the ONE thing to get that day. How in the world could I choose between two horses? The obvious answer for any horse girl is what? Break rule number one and go with your gut and two horses are always better than ONE! It's easy for me to break Rule #1 because "wing man Mikey" uses the same rule book that I do!

As we were hauling my new horses back home, we made a stop at my other favorite haunt, the Salvation Army store! And I wanted a bear! I could just picture a teddy bear on one of my horses, but the odds of finding a bear just the right size were slim...but look who I found. His tag says his name is Dimitri!

And now....assembly!

Two Horses...what to do?

"Kathy's Vision"

I've named this shot (from my cell phone of course!) "Kath's Vision" and the next shot "Mike's Dilemma"...those that know us well will appreciate the truth of the titles! Mike's always....making Kath's "good ideas" real!

"Mike's Dilemma

Here's the photo Mike got from this setup!

And here's the image after he "tweaked" it in photoshop. Notice that while he was in there he "upgraded" the moon from my cutout version that was hanging on my light cord!

The following year these found a home with our good friends of Lilley's Tack and Feed!

I'd love to do another one so if anyone sees any available rattan rocking horses let me know!


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