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Lessons With Mulan & Mushu

It's October, the babies are weaned, the weather is warmer than usual and Mike had a perfect day

to take the WGA Equine staff and vocational class to the creek to introduce Mushu and Mulan to "water hazards". Even though they have above average handling skills for foals of their age, you just never know what will happen when any horse—even a grown up horse—encounters a water crossing for the first time. In the case of Mushu and Mulan we couldn't be more pleased. For this first session, the staff handled the babies. Mikalla managed Mulan and Olivia had Mushu while Ray and Jack were the examples of adult (horse) behavior. Jack was chosen because he thinks standing around in the creek is a great time and the easiest "work" possible.

The dark bay is Mulan, sired by Sher Khan and our of a QH mare named Docs Frosty Candy. She's about a month older than the chestnut. That little cutie is Mushu (they haven't settled on their registered names yet) and he's by Rancho Sonado's stallion, Macnificent RS and out of Minuette In E Major. Both of the dams of these babies are used regularly in our lesson program!

There are so many great photos to chose from it was hard to decide but here's what I have so far.


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