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Stay Spirited!

Dan Bruce and Junior 2009 Colorado Extreme Cowboy

Dan Bruce and Junior-2009 Colorado Extreme Cowboy Challenge

Originally posted December 25, 2017

Yep, that's a picture of Dan Bruce and Junior up there! What does the late, great, amazing Dan have to do with my Christmas traditions? Well to find out, you have to get to the end of this blog post! Be patient and read on.

Our Christmas decorations are a blend of ornaments that we've made and purchased here and there. They're a mix of finds from department stores and dollar stores and ornaments from local antique and vintage shops. The one exception to this is the tree topper. For some reason I always felt that the tree topper needed to be different and special. When Mike and I were newlyweds with our first Christmas tree, I made ornaments for our tree and the topper was a Polar Bear climbing to the top with a star in his paw.

But starting in 2014 Christmas tree top has always sported feathers!

Sometimes It's just the feathers or sometimes with a hat!

One year Mike donated his hat for the top of the tree, but the feathers have always been these same special feathers feathers that Dan Bruce would bring back from his rides when he came out to NY to central New York to help MIke get colts started. I saved these particular feathers from his trip to work with us in April of 2014!

Dan Bruce-starting Arabian colt OP-April 2014

When I see the feathers, I think of Dan and I always smile. He had such a huge personality and zest for life, and seeing these feathers on the top of my tree instantly remind me of his endless curiosity and enthusiasm. Let's face it, he took the time during a ride to get off and pick up the feathers!

Dan Bruce and Arabian OP April 2014 New York

That's the important part! Being so at ease and in the moment that you take the time to step off a snorty young horse to pick up a feather for your hat! Be like Dan Bruce...ride with a smile!

Dan Bruce-early ride on Arabian gelding Eros April 2014

Merry Christmas to the Dan Bruce Family!


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