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Why I Bought a Chicken Mug

When you're surrounded by the relentlessly bleak landscape of a central New York winter you'll do just about anything for some warmth and color in your life. It's not just for warmer temperatures that those in New England flock south during the winter. Once the gorgeous fall colors are gone, the landscape becomes relentingly monotonous...white ground under the umbrella of a white sky. If you're lucky, new snowflakes might liven things up a bit.

All of the above is just a long explanation of why— when while I'm usually drawn to anything equus oriented— I HAD to have this coffee mug by Colorado artist Renee Darling. Vibrantly rendered "Coop" is a great way to get your ass in gear on any given day but if his rakish good looks weren't enough, the salutation "Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers" on the reverse would do it for sure!

But, of course, there's a "horse connection" in our relationship as well because Renee had done some amazing equine work too.

Want Coop or an some other colorful art in your in your life? You're in luck because Renee has made it super easy to order from her shop on Facebook or check out her website from the link below.


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