Horse Trainers On Vacation! Teddy's new family!

Yes! Odds are that even when "on vacation" "horse people", including horse trainers will somehow end up around or involved with horses! Why is that?

It's because, you don't get into horses because it's an easy way to make your living...or a business with a very high profit margin (trainers reading this just snorted their current beverage!). You become a full time horse trainer because you absolutely can't imagine doing anything live it, breath it....heck, you even dream about it! I don't have many "bad dreams", but mine is that the paddock master is calling my class and I can't find my show clothes...usually my chaps. Everybody is different, but I challenge you to find a professional horse trainer that chose this way of life because of the financial rewards.

You choose it because, at one time, you loved the way the horses made you feel! It has to be slightly different for everybody, but even if they don't admit it, that's how it starts.

And for the lucky ones, we get to stay with it through thick and thin, good times and bad. Why? Because, deep down...they still make us feel better than anything else! And for a lot of us, we don't have to be the one handling the horse to get the buzz!

We will go to a horse show and when we watch the results announced, we remember how it feels when your name is called for a Top Ten or even better for Champion. I think everyone in the stands and watching at home has an idea, even if they've never shown a horse, how that must feel! For someone that has trained horses professionally or been in the biz a while, there are other types of moments that are just as rewarding!

The big events, where horse folk flock to from all over the country, are a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones! And sometimes, if you're very lucky...both at the same time.

This past week at Canada was especially fun for us as we