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Second Installment of Chronicles of Z

Last Monday, I introduced Monica and Zenith!

We delivered him to her scenic place in Deansboro on May 12th, and took some pictures and then headed home!

May 12, 2012


Dear Mike and Kathy,

GJR Zenith in field.jpg

My neighbor makes me crazy!! My new horse is settling in nicely, when what does my neighbor do? He decides, after 2 years of not touching them, to lunge one of his horses. And where does he decide to do it? On his field next to the pumpkin patch! I have never even been able to see his horses from my field, and now that's where he decides to lunge? Needless to say, poor Zenith was agitated and blowing when I checked on him - he could barely see them from his position, but he knew they were there.

I still decided to take him for a walk around the paddock, and while he didn't want to be, he was (mostly) good - there was a moment when both front feet came a little bit off the ground, but we nipped that in the bud and he behaved well after that.


Once he settled somewhat, I lunged him, and he was not crazy, though not as "with" me as I would have liked. But he listened, and only did a few "head slaps" - which he hasn't done on the lunge line with me before. Once the head slapping went away and he was listening better and trotting in a relaxed way, I rewarded him by letting him graze for 5 minutes. Then he was back in the stall, still a little edgy, but better. Now that the horses are gone, he is staring with his head over the gate in that direction, occasionally blowing, but he oddly looks calm, too. And he will go grab a mouthful of hay before coming back to stare over the gate.

Zee napping.jpg

Ace thought perhaps I should have waited before doing all that with him, but I told him that Mike and Kathy would say he had to get over it. Which is true...I just heard him snort again...he isn't over it yet!

Hope you guys had a nice drive home. It was great having you here and can't wait till you come back to ride and fish!! :) Thank you so much for everything - I am so happy I found that ad in HorseBits!!



Hi Monica!

Of course, all the fun stuff happened AFTER we left! It just must have been meant to be....your first "at home" session. And yep, while it was "exciting" to meet the neighbors (from a distance) I do think it was better to let him get out and blow off steam on the lunge line before letting him "have at it". I'm sure Z was wildly curious about the horse he could hear but not quite see and he's wondering what happened to him, who he was, what he does for a living and can he “kick his ass” (yes I'm sure he could). It's probable that the neighbors horses could tell that there was a "new guy" in the neighborhood, they got to acting weird and maybe that's why the neighbors lunging session was happening! Zenith "the party animal is in the house"! It's great that you have the paddock to school him in. He'll have an outside "classroom" with distractions, but good enough footing to work on! If he gets to feeling "big and bouncy"...just trot him in figures...figure eights and serpentines , to give him a productive way to use his energy and then go back to the small walk circles and the "good boys".

Monica and Holly 2.jpg

I can't wait to hear about how tomorrow goes....just tap into that little girl (she’s still in there....several horses back)....and you'll be fine. Zenith is just a show off!


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