Second Installment of Chronicles of Z

Last Monday, I introduced Monica and Zenith!

We delivered him to her scenic place in Deansboro on May 12th, and took some pictures and then headed home!

May 12, 2012


Dear Mike and Kathy,

GJR Zenith in field.jpg

My neighbor makes me crazy!! My new horse is settling in nicely, when what does my neighbor do? He decides, after 2 years of not touching them, to lunge one of his horses. And where does he decide to do it? On his field next to the pumpkin patch! I have never even been able to see his horses from my field, and now that's where he decides to lunge? Needless to say, poor Zenith was agitated and blowing when I checked on him - he could barely see them from his position, but he knew they were there.