Storm's Saturday and Sunday

I've started to write up Storm's sessions this weekend several times and always start over because they become too long! That's because while the methods and techniques for training Storm are super simple, the philosophy behind training him is not! And by training him, I don't just mean teaching him how to respond to cues and pressure and how to carry a rider.

By "training him" I mean considering how every single work out I do, will either help or hinder in developing Storm into a horse that enjoys being ridden. A horse that likes to work. A horse that thinks having a job is,!

I haven't put a lot of time and study into how to go about this because understanding how to motivate horses is easy for me. Horses are basically "lazy". Now before anyone gets all "up in arms" over that statement, notice I said "basically". And I stand behind that statement 100%. Observe horses during their natural day. What do they do?