Starting Vinny!

I've been lax on posting new material this week. And there are three reasons! The first is that Mike and I have both been working a lot of horses and still haven't really found a way to to work one and take pictures or video at the same time. The second is that once we get some really nice video, there's processing time to make it ready to post. I've learned that it's not hard to to, but as with horse training, when "rendering" and "uploading" takes as long as it take! Even worse, when uploading to youtube, one is advised to not do anything else on the computer..."walk away" til it's done. So, I don't do "other things" like, fb messages, photo processing etc, while video is uploading. Really messes with my system (or lack thereof!)

One of the projects coming along nicely is Vinny! Vinny is a tall, lanky three year old Arabian gelding. For the most part I've managed to get pictures or video of each step of the process, except for one and I'm going to try to get that done today!

So, to begin...this was Vinny's life in November 2013....hanging out with (and annoying) his half brother, JB.

Checking out the "scarey" boxes that all the older horses seem to think were such a big deal!

Then in the spring and summer...playing some games with Mike and Kathy.