Wilson and Peggy

First let me say that I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of people that have told me they are referring to my blogs for help with their at home training! Most of my posts are generated by what I happen to be working on, but I'd like to also share some of the questions I've received. Maybe there's something here that can help others.

With her permission, I'm going to share Wilson and Peggy's story! I acquired Wilson in June of 2012 and sold him to Peggy in 2013. Acquiring him was "classic Kathy". We had gone to deliver a horse that had been sold...and we end up coming home with Wilson! But the minute he and I made contact I liked him...and Mikey caved! I just knew I could polish him up into a terrific horse for somebody, and the somebody ended up being Peggy...just a little over a year later!

Wilson is bred to be a "mighty mover".