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Blue Ridge Arabian Classic Friday

Anderson Coliseum and Reel Arena both started at 9am this morning and the over fences classes started in the Wiley Arena at 10!

It's was a lovely 74 degrees with 80% humidity. Not bad at all! Despite all the rain yesterday the Wiley Arenathe was super for the exhibitors thanks to this stuff!

What is it?

The sweet footing in the Wiley arena! And yes, upon very close inspection that does look like carpet fibers!

Exhibitors made their final adjustments to exhibit to judges Danielle Ackley and Lisa Hammerschmidt. The Blue Ridge is a double judged show with two sets of awards given, both qualifying for the Region 15 Championship Show in July.

One half of the dynamic duo taking care of business at Wiley is Melissa Raulerson handling the paddock, gate and any course adjustments.

And covering the announcer duties is Lowry!

With morning and afternoon classes wrapped up we're hoping the thunderstorms hold off just a little while!

Tomorrow we have Championship classes in Anderson and the start of the Dressage classes in the Reel Arena! For tonight we're hoping to finish up in time for a Mexican dinner:)

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