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Blue Ridge Arabian Classic

The 2017 Blue Ridge Arabian Classic is a wrap! It was strange to be Lindsey's office assistant versus a rider, but it was still super fun! I got to meet lots of new people, watch some super high quality horses, learn some new computer skills (the Best Mess show management system no less) and sit in the air conditioned office. And I've tried to give everyone a good idea of what the show here at the Virginia Horse Center has been like.

The show staff here, led by Robert Overmiller is wonderful and very exhibitor friendly. I loved working with them. That said I sort of hope I'm not working with them here next year. Because next year I'd really love to be riding at this show. Don't get me wrong! Working for this show staff (led by show manager Robert Obermiller and assistant Kim Dickinson) has been wonderful! the reason that I hope to show here next year is that the facility is wonderful! No offense Lindsey, I love working with you! But I want to ride here! This facility is horse and trainer friendly! The Virginia Horse Center has lots of arenas. With great footing! Indoor Arenas. Outdoor arenas. Dressage arenas. Covered warm up arenas for when those summer thunderstorms roll in!

And Lexington, Virginia is pretty! The Virginia Horse Center is pretty! While it was tricky to get pictures of the show staff it was easy to take spectacular photos of the faciity When the sun was shining it was pretty. When the storm clouds rolled in, it was spectacular!

Below you'll find a link to my posts from each day of the Blue Ridge Arabian Classic at the Virginia Horse Center! I'm certainly looking forward to being back there in July!

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