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A few Horses by Jean Dupas

Some artists define themselves as being an "equine artist". Others will simply have, at one point or another, created a piece that features horses. Such is the case of Jean Dupas! Dupas was a French artist who lived from 1882 to 1964. The only reason I became aware of Dupas at all, is because I LOVE to watch Antiques Road Show. I can't remember whether I saw this poster on the UK version or the US. What I do remember is that when this poster was displayed on the screen, I loved the image so much that I immediately wrote down his name so I could see what else he may have done. Actually, Dupas work doesn't feature that many horse images. This poster is one of a series that he did for the London Passenger Transport Board promoting the Green Line Coaches in the 1930's. I tend to like Art Deco anyway, so it was fun to discover an artist I wasn't familiar with.

I learned that while Dupas designed posters and other types of art, he is most famous for really big pieces. He's said "The greater is my work, the happy I am." He is perhaps most famous for designing four murals for the Grand Salon of the famous French ocean liner the Normandie. The Normandie and the story of the murals is a big story in itself. But even though I love his "big pieces", the one I like the most so far is on a far more modest scale!

Jean Dupas pen and ink

I'd love to find out more about this pen and ink drawing! It's shown on a online gallery website described as an "Original sepia-toned photograph from the early 1930s of a pen and ink drawing by Jean Dupas, signed and dated 1932. Image size: 7 x 7 5/8 inches. I think this is just gorgeous, but I know nothing more about it and so far all my research on Dupas points to the Normandie panels!

Enough research for today! Time to ride!

If you're interested in more detailed accounts investigating what happened to the Normandie panels by Dupas, there are a couple of links! Go to or

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