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Canadian Nationals Day 1

The Canadian Nationals officially started today in the Westoba Arena. The morning was devoted to trail semi finals and the afternoon and evening with a mix of Showmanship, Reining, Western Horsemanship and Ranch Riding. P&H Horse and Cattle Company is the barn closest to my side of Westoba and their stall display tickled me and I made it one of my first posts of the day. It sounds simplistic, but nice does matter people.

Because the morning trail classes were semi finals and Kara didn't need me for win photos, I finished up my tour of the barns and posted almost everybody to my Canadian Nationals tour facebook album. Yes, Kim Misco, Rollingwood is now included!

Since main ring doesn't start until tomorrow Mike took some photos in "Kara's" ring to tune himself up for the rest of the week!

It's 9:30 pm as I'm writing this. The first of the evenings 2 Ranch Riding classes just finished so the judges get a couple of minutes to have something to eat!

The Jeff Janson Photography team will be in action in both rings at Canadian Nationals at 8am with more Trail semi finals in Westoba. I'll try to post patterns in the morning and maybe a live fb feed on the walk through again!

Michael Troxler and Kara Hite Canadian Arabian Nationals

Until then, I'll close with a one of my personal favorite photos of the show so far, Mike's greeting to show photographer goddess, Kara Hite. Photo credit for this goes to Kate!

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