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Canadian Nationals Day 2

It's only day 3 and I'm already behind on my goal of posting a daily blog from Canada. People seem to be liking my social media stuff so I'll try to keep it up!

So a summary! Sunday night finished super late and we were back in the ring at 8am Monday morning!

Breakfast x 6

Above I'm posting the only picture you're going to see of how Kara and I start our day! Because our classes start before breakfast in the lounge opens up, each and every morning Kate gathers and delivers our breakfast. I can tell you the cheese biscuits are excellent!

Trail semi finals in the morning. Reining Semi finals started at 1:15. Evening session started back at 5pm with adult Showmanship and ATR Ranch Riding.

I did live facebook video feed of the trail walk throughs which was fun!

Only one or two horses "beat me" on the ears. But I think it's universally agreed that it can be an extreme challenge to impress national caliber trail horses with a shiny mirror or grain!

Lot's of great win photos are being uploaded to Jeff Janson's website with lots more to come. It's really fun to be there when people get their first look at their proofs. This little gal was at her first Nationals so that was extra fun!

We've become regulars at Forbidden Flavours, the awesome coffee/tea/gelato shop across the street. On one of my runs to get their Peachy Keen Ived Tea, I succumbed to an impulse buy! Shocker!

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