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Debuting at Central Park-Melissa & Harry

Harry Trotter and Melissa Fry

Melissa Fry hasn’t owned Harry very long but he’s already wiggled his way into the center of the Fry Family! Melissa had a specific list when she went shopping for a horse. She wanted a show horse for herself, but also a horse that had very good ground manners and that her kids, Connor and McKenna could grow into. In Harry Trotter (sired by Afire Bey V and out of the mare LBC Nobelinda) it seems like she’s found the perfect horse!

Melissa says “At the Buckeye Show this year, Harry went from wins in the Country English Pleasure division to taking care of my daughter, McKenna (6) in the lead-line class. He has a heart of gold! Connor and McKenna were relatively new to being around horses, but it took Harry about one visit from the kids for him to adjust to the “crazy! Running and quick ovements were their norm-Harry flinched once and never again. He learned all the kids want to do is love on him and feed him treats!

Harry is so much fun to show because he puts his little ears up and trots into the ring so happy! Last year I returned to the show ring after taking 17 years off to start my career and family! He makes me feel determined to do my best because he is so confident in his job and abilities – I don’t want to let him down. The Central Park show will my first opportunity to show Harry outside and at night under the lights. As an equitation kid, we were always showing at night so I’m really excited to revisit the energy that creates”.

What does Melissa have to say about Harry’s personality? From the way Melissa describes him, any chance to meet and greet with the fans would be top of his to do list! “Harry is talker! He is the first to greet you with a little nicker when he hears your voice! At home, his stall is next to the entrance to the indoor – he is always putting his head up over the edge of the stall to see what is going on! He prefers geldings over mares. He loves carrots, pizza crust and peppermints! And nose kisses! Definitely nose kisses!

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