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Returning to Central Park-Joelle and Aces

Meet Holdin Aces, Joelle and Robert Wright’s handsome grey gelding. When I researched the list of performance horses entered at the 2017 Arabian US Open, there was one detail in particular that caught my attention- and that is Aces is the only performance entry shown by a breeder-owner-rider!

Joelle snuggling with her Vegaz filly.

I’ve met Joelle and seen her show Aces many times, but never really had a chance to get to know her. Writing this blog post provided the perfect opportunity to learn the story of Joelle and Robert and East Manor Arabians.

The story of how Joelle was so taken with Ace’s sire, Arezzo NL, that she eventually bought him!

Arezzo NL

How a horse crazy girl of modest means stuck with her dreams and ended up riding not only in Central Park, but bringing home the big prizes from Scottsdale and US Nationals, with her home bred horse!

Holdin Aces and Joelle Wright

All that might lead a person to take themselves and this crazy horse business too seriously. But I’d call Joelle a real horsewoman (the highest compliment I can give). She knows the difference between taking horsemanship seriously and taking the horse business too seriously!

Shown above, Holdin Aces as Ace the Wonder Horse- with side kick Captain Marvel- at a fundraising event for the Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund! I’ll leave it to readers to chime in as to their guess at Ace’s partner in costume.

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