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Hackamore Reinsman

“In starting well-bred horses, the more time and foot work taken in handling them the easier they will start”. This is just one of the bits of wisdom in the 1952 book by Ed Connell, the Hackamore Reinsman. It is by far the most modest looking book in our collection. Not a single color photograph to be found and only 68 pages but it's a book that stays with us. It's out full of wisdom from someone that learned from the master horsemen, the descendants of the ancient vaqueros. While I don’t train "stock horses"—those fast and agile horses capable of maneuvering a cow—I am full of admiration for those that do! And in this book I find myself picking up little reminders of how my own methods did develop and I learn a bit of “cowboy history”.

Every bit as interesting to me is Ed Connell's biography found on the Hackamore Reinsman website at this link

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