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The Equine Theme-2002 Canadian Stamp

This design is one of my favorite equine themed motifs. I would LOVE to have it as a giant print but that’s not likely to happen as this super cool, feisty pony is about 1 x 1.5 inches…it’s a stamp—the Canadian 2002 “Year of the Horse” edition.

In China, the horse is a symbol of vitality, progress, and success. In Asian art, horses symbolize force and strength, and are portrayed as lively, energetic and powerful. Horses are usually in motion, whether travelling in a herd or participating in a battle and are always depicted in an upright position.

The design of the stamp combines input from Carey Georg of Up Inc. (Toronto) who chose the bright red color for the Lunar New Year commemorative stamps. Illustrator Dao-Yan Hu included other auspicious symbols such as the peach blossom as a charm against evil and bamboo leaves a symbol of longevity, virtue and constancy. The design of the horse is evocative of a papercut, a nod to the Chinese tradition of decorating windows with this type of ornamentation during celebrations.

If you'd like to own the stamps, I THINK they can still be purchased at lots of different online sites!

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