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Putting on a Bridle-Jet

This is simply a series of photos showing my hand and arm positions while putting a snaffle on a youngster. At this point in his training, Jett's worn a bit once or twice but could still be quite evasive! For a "first time" project, I would leave the halter on and just put the bridle on over. Note that with this training bridle set up, the cavesson (noseband) piece is separate from the bridle. I've put it on his face first. Once again, if this were his first time, I would just put this bridle on (with no noseband) on over his halter. For this lesson, trying to put on a bridle with the cavesoon attached ,the cavesson would just get in the way. Also, I adjust the size of the bridle so that it's slightly long and easier to pull over their ears. Not too long, but just long enough that you don't need to fold the ears quite as much. Once the bridle is on, adjust the length of the bridle so that it fits properly with the snaffle snugged up into the corners of the mouth. It's important to simply take your time with this! Do not be in a hurry!

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